Women in need, we’re here for you.

The mission of the Empowerment Program is to provide education, employment assistance, health, housing referrals, and support services for women who are in disadvantaged positions due to incarceration, poverty, homelessness, HIV/AIDS infection, and/or involvement in the criminal justice system. Our goal is to decrease rates of recidivism by providing case management, support services, basic skills education, housing and resource coordination that can offer alternatives to habits and choices that may lead to criminal behaviors.

Here’s how to start your journey.

Sign Up for Orientation

Call 303-320-1989 to make an appointment! Press 3 for enrollment information. Dial ext. 238 to speak with Laura about attending an orientation.

Attend Orientation

Orientation is by appointment only! Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m.

Attend groups and services!


 Latest Posts

  • aids ribbon

    Women’s AIDS Project Newsletter

    The Women’s AIDS Project (WAP) provides care and prevention services to women who are living with HIV/AIDS, or who are at risk for HIV infection. The WAP team has started a newsletter that will feature information related to HIV prevention, living well with HIV/AIDS, and related activities in the community. In the future, we will feature art work, poetry, stories, and advocacy information created by women in our program.

    Issue 1 – July, 2015 through September, 2015
    Issue 2 – October, 2015 through December, 2015
    Issue 3 – January, 2016 through March, 2016

    If you’d like to receive future issues of the newsletter through email, you can subscribe here.

    Would you like to contribute to future issues of the WAP Newsletter? Please contact us: womenshealthproject@empowermentprogram.org.

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  • peace-dove

    Campaign of Empowerment Women for Nonviolence

    We recognize, as women, our work is just beginning as we come together to raise consciousness and discuss the significance of gender in violence.  The gut-wrenching suffering in the wake of verbal violence (frightening, intimidating words and gestures), domestic violence, child abuse, sexual and physical assault (encompassing rape and murder), neglect, all pornography (on and off the internet), genocide, trafficking, torture (embracing harm to animals), environmental assaults, honor killings, declared and undeclared wars (including gang violence), violent staring, stalking behaviors, and suicide can be prevented!

    Campaign for non-violence checklist
    Campaña de las mujeres del Empowerment para Nonviolence
    Proclamation with Signatures (more…)

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  • P2S grad pic

    Pathway to Success Graduation

    Participants gather about once a month to celebrate those who successfully completed 12 sessions of Pathways to Success. The room is decorated with banners and streamers of congratulations. Food is chosen by those who are graduating and everyone eats together around a big table.  During the meal the group leaders read a poem titled “Warrior Woman” and the graduates receive a gift bag with a certificate of completion, a 20 dollar gift card,  and Rhodonite Crystal which is known their capacity to bring emotional healing and to release blocked energy from within the heart chakra. During the meal graduates are encouraged to talk about the things they learned from pathways group.


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