Women’s AIDS Project Newsletter

The Women’s AIDS Project (WAP) provides care and prevention services to women who are living with HIV/AIDS, or who are at risk for HIV infection. The WAP team has started a newsletter that will feature information related to HIV prevention, living well with HIV/AIDS, and related activities in the community. In the future, we will feature art work, poetry, stories, and advocacy information created by women in our program.

Issue 1 – July, 2015 through September, 2015
Issue 2 – October, 2015 through December, 2015
Issue 3 – January, 2016 through March, 2016

If you’d like to receive future issues of the newsletter through email, you can subscribe here.

Would you like to contribute to future issues of the WAP Newsletter? Please contact us: womenshealthproject@empowermentprogram.org.

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