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  • Health

    Woman to Woman

    Woman to Woman is designed to promote community and awareness amongst cisgender and transgender women; this includes various topics ranging from anger management and decision making, to HIV and PrEP information, as well as other various activities relevant to today’s issues that women battle to overcome.

  • Employment

    Employment Services

    Empowerment's employment program offers supportive services for women who are having difficulty maintaining a job due to challenges such as mental health, substance use, or a criminal history.

  • Integrated Treatment Services

    Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (*TREM)

    *TREM (Trauma Recovery & Empowerment Model) is a group intervention designed to help women who have suffered from abuse and/or trauma. This approach emphasizes survivor empowerment and peer support, teaches techniques for self-soothing and recognizing social boundaries, and helps women learn to focus on manageable steps of problem solving.