• Housing


    We do not provide emergency housing. Please CALL 211 for a list of shelters in your area. The Empowerment Program owns and operates five apartment buildings, providing transitional and permanent housing for homeless women living with chronic mental and/or physical disabilities. Women are able to access all of our services,

  • Integrated Treatment Services

    Mental Wellness

    Mental Wellness is a psycho-educational group focusing on strength based learning. The purpose is to discuss factors to help achieve healthier states of mind such as humor exercise, self-appreciation, optimism, and leisure activities.

  • Employment

    Employment Services

    Empowerment's employment program offers supportive services for women who are having difficulty maintaining a job due to challenges such as mental health, substance use, or a criminal history.

  • Integrated Treatment Services

    Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (*TREM)

    *TREM (Trauma Recovery & Empowerment Model) is a group intervention designed to help women who have suffered from abuse and/or trauma. This approach emphasizes survivor empowerment and peer support, teaches techniques for self-soothing and recognizing social boundaries, and helps women learn to focus on manageable steps of problem solving.

  • Education

    Life Skills

    Life Skills is a comprehensive group focusing on stress management, effective communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, time management, women's health issues, bank & budgeting, support systems and goal setting.