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  • Criminal Justice Services

    RISE – Recovery In a Secure Environment

    RISE is a  is a collaborative effort among members of the Denver community based providers, the Denver County Jail, and Colorado Department of Human Services - Office of Behavioral Health.

  • Criminal Justice Services

    Project Bedtime Story

    The Empowerment Program provides weekly trips to the Denver County Jails to record mothers and fathers as they read stories to their children. The CD and book are then sent to the child or children to enjoy over and over the sounds of their parents as they fall asleep. This

  • Integrated Treatment Services

    Trauma Narrative

    Trauma Narrative is a writing and discussion group for women who have experienced trauma in their lives.

  • Integrated Treatment Services

    Seeking Safety Group

    Seeking Safety is present-focused therapy to help women attain safety from trauma/PTSD and substance abuse. Safety is the main goal - helping women attain safety in their relationships, thinking, behavior and emotions.

  • Integrated Treatment Services

    Relapse Prevention

    Relapse Prevention is an ongoing therapeutic support group that focuses on cognitive and behavioral skills building to help promote sober living and provide support in recovery.

  • Integrated Treatment Services

    Peer Educators

    If you are interested in a career in behavioral health but have been held back due to various life experiences, Empowerment offers credit hours towards becoming a Peer Specialist. There is no prerequisite.

  • Integrated Treatment Services

    Beyond Violence – Anger Management

    Beyond Violence – Anger Management is a course for women who have committed violent/aggressive offenses and/or experienced violence in their own life. The group focuses on developing ways to decrease aggression and learn new ways to manage emotions. Ask your care manager to refer you to this group and you

  • Criminal Justice Services


    Outreach and diversion activities are provided in county jails, in Denver County Courtroom 2300, in communities throughout the Denver metropolitan area and at the other service provider locations. Incarcerated women will receive pre-release and transition support, resource development and referrals to community resources and treatment prior to their release.

  • Health

    Women’s AIDS Project

    Care and prevention services are provided for women who are living with HIV/AIDS or who are at risk for HIV infection. Comprehensive case management services are provided for both adults and teen women. Assistance with transportation, housing and emergency expenses is available. Prevention activities target sex workers, incarcerated women, homeless

  • Housing


    We do not provide emergency housing. Please CALL 211 for a list of shelters in your area. The Empowerment Program owns and operates five apartment buildings, providing transitional and permanent housing for homeless women living with chronic mental and/or physical disabilities. Women are able to access all of our services,