We have provided street and community outreach activities targeting homeless women, prostitutes and drug using women since 1987.  Drug treatment and other support and education groups are provided in metropolitan area county jails, halfway houses for women leaving prison, shelters for homeless women and drug treatment programs.  In 1999, we conducted a Community Identification Project, in conjunction with Denver Public Health, to learn more about HIV transmission and African-American women and Latinas who use crack/cocaine. In response to the closure of the only community-based anonymous test site in Denver in 1998, in 1999, we began offering free, anonymous HIV tests at our offices.

Outreach and diversion activities are provided in county jails, in Denver County Courtroom 2300, in communities throughout the Denver metropolitan area and at the other service provider locations.  Incarcerated women will receive pre-release and transition support, resource development and referrals to community resources and treatment prior to their release.  After release they are eligible for enrollment into the Project.  Those services will include assessment, referrals to mental health and/or residential drug treatment services, education, employment, housing, follow-up and other necessary services.

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Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. Please CALL 303-320-1989 to enroll.

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We do NOT provide emergency housing. Please CALL 211 for a list of shelters in your area.

Alcoholics Anonymous Locate an AA meeting near you.

2-1-1 The national abbreviated dialing code for free access to health and human services information and referral.

Probation Advocates Where participants go for information to successfully complete probation.

9 to 5 Working Women Works to improve the workplace for women and strengthen the ability of low-wage working women to win economic justice and rights on the job. (303) 628-0925

The Adoption Exchange Helps make the connection between children who have been abused and neglected (Wednesday’s Child) and are waiting to be adopted with prospective adoptive parents. (303) 755-4756 or (800) 451-5246

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation of Colorado Protects and extends the Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights and civil liberties of all Coloradans through litigation, education and advocacy. (303) 777-5482

Asbestos.com We provide vital services and free resources for patients and families affected by Mesothelioma. 1-800-615-2270

Associations for Senior Citizens Helps low-income seniors with emergency financial assistance, information and referrals, food bank, “Friendly Visitor Program,” warm clothing, and an independent shared-living facility. (303) 455-9642

Centers for Women’s Employment and Education (CWEE) Provides programs to help low-income single parents and families develop and expand the skills necessary to succeed in employment and become economically self-sufficient. (303) 892-8444

CHARG Resource Center A community of Denver’s mentally ill citizens, partnering with professionals to run a drop-in center, psychiatric clinic, homeless outreach and public education programs. (303) 830-8805

Colorado AIDS Project A community-based HIV and AIDS service and education agency. Serving the Denver-Metro area and the surrounding counties (Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson), any man, woman or child with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis is eligible for many of CAP’s confidential services and referrals. (303) 837-0166

Colorado Department of Human Services CDHS oversees the state’s 64 county departments of social/human services, the state’s public mental health system, Colorado’s system of services for people with developmental disabilities, the state’s juvenile corrections system and all state and veterans’ nursing homes, through more than 5,000 employees and thousands of community-based service providers. (303) 866-5700

Colorado NARAL Foundation They support and protect a woman’s right to make reproductive choices by providing education, training programs and support for public policy initiatives. (303) 394-1973

Colorado Women’s Agenda A statewide network that champions social justice, political power and economic security for women through education, advocacy and grassroots activism. (303) 863-7336

Community Shares Works to develop and enhance the human and financial resources of out nonprofit member agencies so they may, in turn, serve and strengthen communities throughout Colorado. (303) 861-7507 or 1(800) 808-4038

Community Educational Outreach Assists individuals who risk losing their independence through imprisonment, where educational level contributes to that risk, by improving their educational and life skills.(303) 447-3353

Community Housing Services, Inc. Provides services for individuals and families, to locate and secure housing.  We specialize in services to seniors and those individuals who have below average incomes. (303) 831-1750

Community Resource Center Provides training, technical assistance, and leadership development for nonprofit organizations across Colorado. (303) 623-1540

Denver Indian Center The Denver Indian Center, Inc. serves a diverse group of tribes, the majority of which represent the Southwest and the Northern and Southern Plains. Most come seeking economic stability, education and security for their families.

Denver Urban Ministries (DenUM) Provides emergency services for people experiencing crisis, helps people achieve economic self-reliance through the Job Center, and offers urban volunteer experiences for groups and individuals. (303) 355-4896

Domestic Violence Initiative for Women with Disabilities Assists women with disabilities who have experienced domestic violence by providing referrals, peer support, education and advocacy. (303) 839-5510

Earthlinks Connects homeless individuals, shelter residents, women at risk, and inner-city students with nature, providing experiential Earth education, respite from struggles, and initiatives toward life changed. (303) 389-0085

1st Tribal Lending The Section 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program is a home mortgage specifically designed for American Indian and Alaska Native families, Alaska Villages, Tribes, or Tribally Designated Housing Entities. Section 184 loans can be used, both on and off native lands, for new construction, rehabilitation, purchase of an existing home, or refinance.

Gathering Place Denver’s only day shelter for homeless women and children, providing a safe, supportive environment with survival services, individual coaching, advocacy and referrals. (303) 321-1498

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Colorado (The Center) Colorado’s primary service agency offering youth support, crisis intervention, health programs, community events, legal and social justice advocacy for GLBT people and people living with HIV/AIDS. (303) 733-7743

Grief and Bereavement Assistance Coping with death and loss, whether sudden or expected, can feel jarring, even debilitating. Fortunately, many resources exist specifically to support the bereaved.

Hospice of Metro Denver Provides compassionate, specialized comfort care to terminally ill individuals, their families and loved ones throughout the Denver metropolitan region. (303) 321-2828

Inner City Health Center A Christian health clinic that provides medical, dental and counseling services for low-income, uninsured people on a sliding fee basis. (303) 296-1767

Kempe Children’s Foundation The support organization for Kempe Children’s Center, focusing on clinical treatment, research and education to end child abuse and neglect. (303) 864-5300

Legal Assistance A listing of Colorado pro bono legal services.

Legal Assistance Referral Directory A listing of Colorado pro bono legal services.

Lost and Found, Inc. Specializes in counseling and intervention services from a Christian perspective for children, teens and families struggling with addictions, sexual abuse and other traumas. (303) 455-3099

Low Income Mortgage, Affordable Housing This guide has been written to help low income earners and the general public to understand the steps and processes required when purchasing affordable housing, as well as inform homeless people about methods and programs to find accommodation.

Mesothelioma.net has well over 4k pages of cancer information regarding firefighter health and safety, scholarship opportunities, veteran support, emerging alternative therapies and treatments, and much more. It’s our goal to help better educate the public about the importance of recognizing and avoiding asbestos in an effort to phase out the deadly lung cancer known as mesothelioma.

Metro CareRing An emergency assistance service for those in need in Metro Denver.  They are supported by a group of church congregations, other religious groups, individuals, businesses and foundations. (303) 860-7200

Mile High United Way Helps to unite and focus the community’s resources to help people help themselves. (303) 433-8383

MortgateLoan.com This guide aims to help persons of low income gain an understanding of the options available when it comes to finding affordable housing and getting a mortgage.

New Genesis, Inc. A transitional community for the homeless.  They recognize that homelessness is a temporary situation and not a personal weakness.  The help victims of homelessness get off the streets and back into society. (303) 638-6897

New Foundations Nonviolence Center Provides Alternatives-to-Violence training in Colorado schools, neighborhoods and institutions to help curb the violence in our society. (303) 825-2562

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Denver (PFLAG) Promotes opportunities for dialogue regarding sexual orientation and gender identity through support, education and advocacy to create a society respectful of human diversity. (303) 573-5861

People of Color Consortium Against AIDS (POCCAA)  Provides culturally competent support, financial assistance and emotional support for people with HIV/AIDS, as well as prevention education for communities of color. (303) 321-7965

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Inc. Provides affordable and confidential reproductive health care across Colorado, including breast and cervical cancer screenings, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS testing and educational programming. (303) 321-7526

Project Angel Heart Promotes the health, dignity and self-sufficiency of people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by providing nutritious, home-delivered meals with care and compassion. (303) 830-0202

American Recall Center We are devoted to providing health and wellness news in simple, straightforward terms. Our ultimate goal is to help our readers take complete charge of their health by being fully informed.

Urban Servant Corps Provides full-time volunteer staff to community service agencies that work with many of the most disadvantaged and at-risk populations in Denver’s inner city. (303) 894-0076

Volunteers of America, Colorado Branch A national, nonprofit, spiritually based organization providing local human service programs. (303) 297-0408

VSA Arts of Colorado Enriches the lives of people with disabilities by creating and promoting opportunities for disabled persons and their families to actively participate in the arts. (303) 715-1010

Women’s Bean Project Provides transitional employment and training within the context of a viable business to women who come from backgrounds of chronic poverty, unemployment and displacement. (303) 292-1919

Work Options for Women Provides low-income women with marketable job skills for employment in the food service industry and life management skills to move them from poverty to self-sufficiency. (720) 944-3393

FREE HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Testing


Mondays: 1-4 p.m.

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