Pathway to Success Graduation

Participants gather about once a month to celebrate those who successfully completed 12 sessions of Pathways to Success. The room is decorated with banners and streamers of congratulations. Food is chosen by those who are graduating and everyone eats together around a big table.  During the meal the group leaders read a poem titled “Warrior Woman” and the graduates receive a gift bag with a certificate of completion, a 20 dollar gift card,  and Rhodonite Crystal which is known their capacity to bring emotional healing and to release blocked energy from within the heart chakra. During the meal graduates are encouraged to talk about the things they learned from pathways group.

Quotes from participants:

“I look at things differently that I did not realize like the elements of a healthy relationship and qualities of a good leader. “

“I’ve become a happier person and it feels good to have positive things in my life.”

“I learned that it’s okay to deal with my feelings concerning Trauma.”

“Today I give myself a little more credit for the changes I made while in Pathways.”

“I learned coping skills that are positive and that I am not alone in my experiences.”


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