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All services listed are free and open to women who are enrolled into our program.  For information on Orientation, or to sign up for The Empowerment Program, please call 303-320-1989 to speak to an orientation specialist.

Acupuncture is a holistic approach to drug & alcohol withdrawal treatment, anxiety, and pain management.  There is a wait list for acupuncture, so program participants should speak with their care managers for an intake form.

Beyond Violence – Anger Management is an 18 week course for women who have committed violent/aggressive offenses and/or experienced violence in their own life. The group focuses on developing ways to decrease aggression and learn new ways to manage emotions. Ask your care manager to refer you to this group and you will be given a start date.

Chrysalis Groups provides support and trauma services to women involved in prostitution in Denver.  It offers you the opportunity to talk about current issues, learn safe sex options, self-esteem building activities and receive guidance in learning how to integrate learned material into your daily life.

GED (General Equivalency Degree) tutoring is for women who are looking to get their GED.  We provide assessments,       pre-tests, one-to-one assistance and access to online computer learning materials.

Employment Services provides an opportunity to develop skills in completing job applications, the importance of first impressions, and believing in oneself as well as developing interviewing skills and learning about job retention.

Job Search Lab will help participants prepare for their job search and placement as well as referrals to fast track trainings.  Individual assistance is available for participants who are not computer literate.  In this lab, participants will receive help with resume building and community services coordination.

Leadership Group is a peer run group focused on women’s health issues.

Life Skills is a comprehensive group focusing on self esteem, assertiveness, communication skills, healthy living, relationships and support systems, time management, STD education, problem solving, money management, stress management, and understanding your illness.  

Mental Wellness is a psycho-educational group focusing on strength based learning. The purpose is to discuss factors to help achieve healthier states of mind such as humor exercise, self-appreciation, optimism, and leisure activities.

Pathway to Success uses a psycho-educational and skills-building approach to increase women’s understanding of the associations among addiction, trauma, mental health disorders, sexual risk behaviors, and financial stability.

Peer Educators is for women who have graduated from a TREM group and wanted to advance their learning of materials in a peer focused and hands on environment.

Relapse Prevention is an on-going therapeutic support group that focuses on cognitive and behavioral skills building to help promote sober living and provide support in recovery.

R.U.G. Support (Regional Users Group) is a culturally sensitive, nonjudgmental support group for female and male injection drug users.

Seeking Safety Group Seeking Safety is a present-focused therapy to help women attain safety from trauma/PTSD and substance abuse.  Safety is the main goal - helping women attain safety in their relationships, thinking, behavior, and emotions.  

Trauma Narrative is a writing and discussion group for women who have experienced trauma in their lives.

TREM, ECON & HIV – Trauma Recovery & Empowerment Model is a group intervention designed to help women who have suffered from abuse and/or trauma.  This approach emphasizes survivor empowerment and peer support, teaches techniques for self-soothing and recognizing social boundaries, and helps women learn to focus on manageable steps of problem solving.


The Mission of the Empowerment Program is to provide education, employment assistance, health, housing referrals and support services to women who are in disadvantaged positions due to incarceration, poverty, homelessness, HIV/AIDS infection or involvement in the criminal justice system.  Our goal is to decrease rates of recidivism by providing care management, support services, basic skills education, housing and resource coordination that can offer viable alternatives to habits and choices that may lead to criminal behaviors.

"The greatest danger to our future is apathy."


-Jane Goodall






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