A Day in the Life of an Empowerment Volunteer.

As a volunteer with the Empowerment Program you’ll have the opportunity to work one on one with a very marginalized, but very capable and empowered population of women. Although many of our participants are disadvantaged and have many barriers to self-sufficiency, they also have an enormous amount of potential. The Empowerment Program is designed to serve women who want to take an active role in their treatment and better their lives. It is our job as staff, and your job as a volunteer, to encourage and support them along the way.

The majority of our volunteers serve in the GED classroom as tutors and learning partners. The GED program is designed for women to work at their own pace, and every step forward is celebrated no matter how big or small. Your day as a volunteer might include helping women learn computer skills, long division, or proper sentence structure. Don?t be intimidated if you haven?t studied up on these things since you were in school yourself, you?ll be surprised how quickly it comes back to you! The GED room is also an area where children are allowed, so your job might include holding a baby or quietly playing with children while the mother studies.

If you would like to learn more about social work and women?s issues, or if tutoring just isn?t your thing, we also have opportunities for volunteers to work directly with case managers. We would ask that these volunteers have some background or demonstrated interest in social work or related fields. Working with a case manager might include preparing new participant files, researching for topics for class/group discussions, or helping with organization projects. As always, when working with a case manager confidentiality is top priority.

We Need Volunteers for the Following Areas:

  • Assisting care managers with organization and daily tasks
  • Mentoring


A volunteer is an individual who performs duties at the direction of and on behalf of The Empowerment Program. Volunteers enhance the capacity of the staff. Student interns are considered volunteers and have the same benefits and responsibilities of volunteers as outlined in this Guiding Principle.

Volunteers are extremely valuable to The Empowerment Program, its staff, and participants. Volunteers have the right to be given meaningful assignments, to be treated as equal coworkers, to have effective supervision, to have full involvement and participation, and to have full recognition for work done.

Volunteers have the responsibility to perform to the best of their abilities and to complete their duties in a timely, conscientious manner. If volunteers are transporting participants in their personal automobiles, proof of current automobile insurance must be submitted to the accountant.

Individuals interested in volunteering with The Empowerment Program may submit an application (see attached) and names of two references to the executive director or the staff person who supervises the volunteer position. Interviews with applicable staff and the executive director will result in determining volunteer opportunities for any interested individuals.

Supervision and Evaluation
The staff person responsible for the activities of each volunteer shall supervise the activities of the volunteer. That staff person shall also be responsible for evaluating the volunteer?s performance and continued suitability for the volunteer position, as well as the continued need for volunteer service.

Confidentiality and Empowerment Policies
All volunteers are expected to understand and observe Empowerment policies and procedures and will be asked to review the philosophies, guiding principles, and operational guidelines. Volunteers are especially expected to observe all confidentiality provisions of Empowerment and each volunteer will be asked to sign a Staff Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of volunteerism.

Conflict of Interest
No person who has a conflict of interest with any activity or program of The Empowerment Program, whether personal, philosophical, or financial, shall be accepted to serve as a volunteer with Empowerment.


We welcome and encourage volunteer feedback and participation!

If you have questions, or if you’d like to suggest a new volunteer position, please contact:

Roxy Falsetto


303-320-1989 ext. 214