Crochet 101: Empowerment Squares

Calling all yarn enthusiasts!!! The Empowerment Program is beginning an exciting new project, Crochet 101: Empowerment Squares. The participants in the group are learning how to crochet by making granny squares. Through learning (and re-learning) a craft, they are able to give back to their community by hand crafting blankets and other possible projects. We will begin by making granny square blankets; designing the layouts, crocheting them together, and deciding who will receive their hand made Empowerment Squares (name in the works).

We need your help!
1. donate yarn! (mostly worsted (4)
2. donate hooks! (G, H, I or other)
3. donate squares! (we would love for you to be involved!)
4. donate your time! (join us)
5. donate money! (we can always use help with funding 🙂


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