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Calendar – February, 2017

    • Acudetox is ear acupuncture for whose experiencing drug cravings, anxiety, and sleeplessness
    • Beyond Violence addresses violence prevention and risk reduction for women who are learning to manage their aggression.
    • Changing Directions is an interactive health and environmental group. Learn new ways to be healthy and earth friendly. *Pro-Social Activity
    • Chrysalis is a support group for women involved in sex work
    • DBT – Mindfulness & Your Emotions focuses on mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance Drug & Alcohol Education is a drug/alcohol treatment group
    • Drug and Alcohol Education is a drug/alcohol treatment group.
    • Mental Wellness is a educational group focusing on how trauma, mental illness & substance abuse effect the brain.
    • Pathway to Success uses a psycho-educational and skills-building approach to increase women’s understanding of the associations among addiction, trauma, mental health disorders, sexual risk behaviors, and financial stability.
    • Relapse Prevention is drug/alcohol treatment group that focuses on building cognitive and behavioral skills.
    • Seeking Safety is an integrated trauma, mental health and drug/alcohol treatment group.
    • Trauma Narrativeis a discussion and writing group for women who have experienced trauma.

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