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 Calendar – March 2020

Acupuncture & Acu-Detox is for those experiencing drug cravings, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Beyond Violence – Anger Management is a treatment group focusing on violence prevention and risk reduction for women who are learning to decrease aggression and learn new ways to manage emotions.

Beyond Trauma is a group for women who are ready to examine the reach and impact of trauma on women’s lives, helping to integrate traumatic experiences through understanding, mindfulness, and connection.

Circle of Parents ® provides a safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment where parents can openly discuss their successes and challenges of parenting.    www.circleofparentsco.org

Drug & Alcohol Education is a treatment group that focuses on cognitive and behavioral skills building to help promote sober living.  This group uses Strategies for Self Improvement and Change (SSIC) curriculum.

Life Skills 101  deals with time/stress/money management, self-esteem, and communication skills

Peer Specialist Training is a 64-hour training program for individuals in recovery from mental health conditions, substance use, and/or trauma. Participants use their experience to help others seeking wellness and recovery, and are trained to develop their skills in  social-emotional support, advocacy, communication, and coaching.

Relapse Prevention is an on-going treatment group that focuses on cognitive and behavioral skills building to help promote sober living and provide support in recovery.

Risky Business is for people who have injected drugs to learn how to reduce the potential harms of a risky lifestyle in a supportive environment.  All genders welcome

Self-Esteem is a group focusing on increasing our self-esteem and positive body image.  Stability, Self-Esteem, and Safety are the main goals – helping women attain safety in their relationships, thinking, behavior, and emotions.

Trauma Narrative is a discussion and writing group for women who have experienced trauma.

TREM – Trauma Recover and Empowerment Model is a group designed to help people who have experienced abuse and/or trauma.  This approach emphasizes survivor empowerment and peer support, teaches techniques for self-soothing and problem solving, and recognizing social boundaries.

Woman to Woman is an educational support group that focuses on sexual, physical, and emotional health and wellness. The purpose is to provide information, build community, and offer support for women working toward healthy sexuality and relationships in their lives and in the lives of others. The group will cover current issues and events that explore the intersections of sexuality with gender, race, age, and other social identities.

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